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Time for You

Time for self care often goes to the bottom of the list
Prioritise yourself daily and feel the changes
Mindfulness has proven benefits

The benefits of mindfulness have been proven.

It lowers anxiety and depression, raises resilience and helps with sleep patterns and overall wellbeing.

But what is it?

  • In its simplest form, it’s just “being present”.
  • No matter what you’re doing, it’s just being focussed on the task at hand – no distractions.
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Life these days has made this difficult to achieve. Others’ needs, guilt, feeling selfish, multi-tasking – all these things often result in it being difficult to give ourselves what we need. Time. A little time each day to focus on yourself. To give space for your feelings to exist. For you to re-connect with yourself.

That’s where your candle comes in.

When you look at your candle, be reminded of the importance of time for yourself. Light your flame and slow down for a while. Be mindful and be guided by the candles’ themes.

Make time for self-care

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