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Find your “Peace” Wellbeing Candle

Essential Oils: Bergamot, Lavender & Patchouli
Aroma: Comforting Lavender & Sweet Zesty Notes
Superpower: Promoting Emotional Calm
30cl – 45 hr burn time


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Peace Wellbeing Candle

Find your “Peace” with this wellbeing candle. It contains a specially selected blend of complementary essential oils with soothing properties. Bergamot, Lavender & Patchouli together will calm and balance your mind and promote a sense of emotional wellbeing.

🧡 Lavender is well known for its mind calming properties
🧡 Bergamot aids stress relief
🧡 Patchouli is relaxing and anxiety reducing

This candle is ideal to light during your daily writing in your journal. It will calm you and enable you to be still with your reflections on your present and your future.

If you are struggling with sleep, this is the perfect candle to use in the evening, maybe an hour or so before you are due to sleep. Light your flame and concentrate on enhancing your inner peace.

What is a Wellbeing Candle?

Wellbeing candles are designed to enhance your wellbeing practice with their aromatherapy benefits. Take time out and light your candle while you prioritise yourself.

Perfect for yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, sophrology, mindfulness, massage, or just that all important ‘time for you’.
Focus on your body and mind while your flame is lit.

Up to 45 hour burn time. See candle care
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