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“Love” Yourself First Aromatherapy Candle

Essential Oils: Mandarin & Neroli
Aroma: Floral, Sweet & Fresh
Superpower: Anxiety reducing
30cl – 45 hr burn time


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This candle now only available in white

This aromatherapy candle is gorgeously floral, sweet and fresh. Neroli and Mandarin is a wonderful combination.

 100% pure essential oil blend:

🧡 Neroli reduces stress, anxiety and anxiety-induced depression
🧡 Mandarin is the sweetest and most calming of all the citrus essential oils. It’s also been shown to reduce anxiety.
🧡 A touch of Frankincense gives the sweetest of base note and brings a sense of relaxation and peace.

Remember, our candles are made from 100% soy wax, pure essential oils and cotton wicks. Perfect for your mind, your home and the planet too.

Our Aromatherapy Candles

Due to the pure ingredients in our aromatherapy candles, they don’t emit black soot and won’t bring on or worsen headaches or asthma. We suggest using our aromatherapy candles in your daily meditation or time out for you.

Focus on the flame and allow your mind to stop racing, exercise your self-care daily with our wellbeing candles.

Perfect for yoga, meditation, sophrology, mindfulness, massage, or just that all important ‘time for you’.

Up to 45 hour burn time. See candle care
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