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“Let it Go” Wellbeing Candle

Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lemon & Rose Geranium
Aroma: Fresh & Citrusy with Sweet Notes
Superpower: Releasing Negative Energy to Stabilise You
30cl – 45 hr burn time


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This candle contains Peppermint, Lemon and Rose Geranium essential oils. These oils are specially selected not only for their complementary uplifting aroma, but for their mental health properties.

Peppermint to aid mental exhaustion, Lemon to boost mood and Rose Geranium (one of the best essential oils for recovery of emotionally difficult events) to help you to find forgiveness and let go of negative energy.

Negative energy holds you back and prevents you from enjoying your life. Let it go. Use this candle and your mindful moments to find the inner strength and forgiveness required to move you forward.

Perfect for yoga, meditation, sophrology, mindfulness, massage, or just that all important ‘time for you’.
Focus on your body and mind while your flame is lit.

Up to 45 hour burn time. See candle care
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