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“Empowered” Wellbeing Candle

Essential oils: Ginger, Vetiver & Neroli
Aroma: Zingy, Earthy & Subtly Sweet
Superpower:  Zest inducing
30cl – 45 hr burn time


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The peppery zest of Ginger when combined with the earthy aroma of Vetiver and the sweet honeyed smell of Vetiver makes for a gorgeous assault on your senses. Ginger sharpens your mind, while Neroli calms it and Vetiver combats mental fatigue. What a combo!

When you take your time out and light this candle, allow yourself to feel the feelings of disempowerment melt away as you allow yourself to focus on your mental strength and determination. Feel empowered!

Perfect for yoga, meditation, sophrology, mindfulness, massage, or just that all important ‘time for you’.
Focus on your body and mind while your flame is lit.

Up to 45 hour burn time. See candle care
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