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Blissful “Bliss” Aromatherapy Candle

Essential Oils: Vanilla & Lime
Aroma: Vanilla sweet & Lime fresh
Superpower:  Bliss out with a pampering session
30cl – 45 hr burn time


Availability: Only 1 left in stock

Now is the time to truly find your bliss…🧡

The first in the aromatherapy lifestyle series has arrived and we’ve named it ‘Bliss’.

The scent is Vanilla and Lime. Vanilla, extracted from the vanilla bean is relaxing and tranquillising, and has been known to reduce signs of depression and anxiety, and Lime taken from the peel of a fresh lime is uplifting and invigorating.

These two oils when blended together combine to give off a fabulous sweet yet fresh scent.

Everything about it is blissful, from the scent combination, to the frosted glass tumbler and the candle’s label which reminds you of the importance of moments of pleasure to live with wellbeing.

So, whether you want to burn this one when ‘blissing out’ at home, or when you’re giving one of your own customers a blissful pampering session, this one’s for you.💆🏾‍♀️

Mindful Flame Aromatherapy Candles


People everywhere are feeling the benefits of using an aromatherapy candle for their yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, sophrology, mindfulness, massage, or just that all important ‘time for you’.

The candles are designed to offer you ‘time out’ to focus on and connect with yourself. They give you added aromatherapy benefits derived from the purest of essential oils derived from plants by a process of steam distillation.

Our candles do not contain paraffin wax which is associated with headaches, nausea and asthma and black soot. Our candles contain no chemicals which some highly fragranced candles do.

Use our candles to benefit your wellbeing. Light your candle and focus on your body and mind while your flame is lit.

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Up to 45 hour burn time. See candle care
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