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Our Story

I wanted to find beautiful way to encourage self care, so I decided upon a candle.
The daily ritual of lighting the flame signals the start of mindful moments.

Every day I talk to clients about the benefits of “stillness”, slowing down and giving room for our feelings to exist.

I have seen how powerful this simple act can be. “I’m so busy!” I hear you say. Yes, life often gets in the way and drains your time and energy, but your wellbeing is important. If you don’t look after yourself psychologically, all these tasks will be harder.


I wanted to bring a beautiful, calming reminder of this fact into your homes. A gorgeous candle that would gently remind you to prioritise yourself a little each day whilst making your home look and smell amazing too.

The complementary blends of natural essential oils have been specially selected to calm, ground, balance and uplift you and are a wonderful accompaniment to focussing on yourself.

I hope you enjoy your candle.